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After School Programs

After School Programs

Your Journey Begins After School! Our signature programs foster self-esteem and creative development, all while teaching hands-on skills in an exciting environment. Emphasizing fun and self-guided learning, we make sure that each student's quest is a unique and engaging journey. So whether your child is designing aircrafts or custom fashion, mastering a magic act or the tricks of photography, they'll learn lifelong lessons while having a blast.

• Grades K & up (Fashion Grade 2 & up, Photography Grade 1 & up)
• Classes run once a week for at least an hour
• General semester length is 8 weeks (more or less sessions are OK too!)
• Minimum of 8 and Maximum of 15 students per class (maximum 12 students in Photography and Fashion)
• Per child and/or group pricing is available!

What can you expect from a Hobby Quest program?

Hobby Quest Aviation programs provide new and exciting model planes each semester, from balsa wood gliders to motorized models
Magic students not only are amazed by the many magic tricks they learn and perform, but they also experience the benefit of building social and public speaking skills
Children are able to tap into their creativity by sketching and designing one-of-a-kind outfits & taking professional quality photos
Our one-of-a-kind Aviation program combines all aspects of STEM learning in a fun and exciting environment
Hobby Quest instructors are highly trained and vetted, and provide a safe, caring environment for children
Curriculum for all of our programs change each semester to keep things fresh and exciting
Hobby Quest students get to keep all of the things they learn, create and build!

And much more…!

Students that participate in Hobby Quest programs experience new skills and situations that help to lay the foundation for healthy growth into adulthood
Hobbies teach children to set and achieve goals, solve problems and make decisions. Hobbies can also set the course for turning this topic into a lifelong career or interest
Hobby Quest programs are fun, educational, hands-on and provide students with a unique after school experience
Hobby Quest instructors will provide all of the tools, supplies and curriculum compliments to ensure an easy, rewarding experience for all!

Sample Project Video