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Aviation Program

Aviation Camp

Soar with your own hand-made high flying aircraft!

In this exciting program you’ll learn to build your own aircrafts and delight as they soar overhead. You’ll have the perfect experience for your after school hours! Our aviators build high-flying balsa wood motorized airplanes that can climb to altitudes as far up as four stories. Just make sure to watch out for birds! Sleek, fast, and efficient, these crafts shoot toward the sun in rocket-like ascent. Next you’ll discover our Long Distance Fliers that are made for wind endurance, traveling lengths as great as a football field and maintaining flight durations of up to three minutes. You can’t miss out on that incredible fun!

And of course no learning adventure would be complete without learning a few new tricks – and that's just what our Stunt Machines are made for. Whether handling sharp maneuvers or sweeping through loops and curves, these models are sure to amaze. Each model is built from scratch and is yours to keep at the end of the program!

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