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About us

About Hobby Quest

Hobby Quest is an accomplished after school enrichment program provider, currently offering hands-on educational programming to over 300 schools throughout New York and New Jersey, and introducing new hobbies and skills to over 4000 children each school year.

With a combination of quality, trained instructors, a perfect balance of fun, hands-on, educational programming and original, unique curriculum based activities, Hobby Quest has continued to grow consistently and quickly. Since 2009, Hobby Quest has added additional hands-on hobby themed enrichment programming such as "Making Magic"? "Fashion Design" and "Kids ‘n Cameras", which quickly became favorites for students, parents and administration. Now, not only are we inspiring future aviators and engineers, but we also have aspiring performers and amazing magicians, creative designers and fashionistas, and unique, imaginative photographers and artists. The increase in self-confidence, social skills and educational ability of our students is highly noticeable, and results in parents signing their children up for Hobby Quest classes again and again! Whenever you are looking to build Skills for a Lifetime, remember Hobby Quest! Your Journey Begins After School!  

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