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Magic Program

Magic Program

Calling all Magicians and Clever Young Wizards–
Learn how to trick your friends and family!

Join us in this fantastical, fun-filled adventure where you’ll become a fully practicing magician and learn to perform both stunning stage feats and dazzling close-up innovations! In this program you’ll discover the magic secrets tightly guarded for centuries, passed down only from magician to magician. From changing objects to mystic mind bogglers, we have several tricks to hide up both your sleeves. We'll learn to perform famous wonders such as making objects disappear from thin air, and then re-materialize again as if nothing had happened. And as if that wasn't enough, we'll show you how to astound with a mastery of mind-reading tricks. By the end of this program you'll appear to pick answers right out of your audience's brains! Each trick is specially tailored to suit a young magician's unique talents; because we know your amazing abilities are as vast as your imagination. All the tricks you’ve learned are yours to keep at the end of the program!

So show off your talents! When they ask with amazement "How did you do that??" you can smile and say "Simple... it's magic!"

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