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Mission and Philosophy

Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission:

Hobby Quest is committed to providing quality, hands-on educational enrichment programming to help children discover new hobbies and interests, and ultimately build Skills for a Lifetime!

Our Philosophy:

Hobby Quest believes that the seed of innovation is best planted in young minds. Each of our courses is developed to compliment in-class curriculum, while nurturing creative growth in a fun and playful environment. Our Quests are designed to inspire children to explore the depths of their imagination and achieve their very best. By providing hands-on projects that begin and are completed entirely from scratch, children are encouraged to express their individuality. Through professional guidance we promote confidence and encourage creative thinking in intuitive fashion, and as a result impart fundamentals our students will use for a lifetime. We believe that a child’s possibilities are as limitless as their imagination, and our quests are designed encourage children that if they can dream it, they can build it. We are proud to support these great minds of the future, by building the foundation upon which the innovators of tomorrow can play and grow today.