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Our Partners and Friends

The AMA Flight School...
A friend of The Hobby Quest who provides training materials for our future Boeing series pilots and engineers.
NYCAviation.com provides their audience the tools necessary to make New York City a mecca for aviation enthusiasm.
Aeroscholars and The Hobby Quest have teamed up to deliver the EAA's Aeroscholars program directly to high schools.
The FAA supplies The Hobby Quest with 75% of our curriculum materials. All of our materials fall under all state and national core
curriculum content standards.
The NJAEC provides The Hobby Quest with multiple outreach channels for the expansion and awareness of new and continued education in the field of aviation.


Become our partner!

The Hobby Quest is looking for strategic partners. We reach thousands of new students each year. 95% of our students are between the ages of 6 and 14. We would like to offer our students what your company would like to present to them and much more.

In return The Hobby Quest will promote your brand name in all of marketing material, presentations and cross promotions.


Model aircraft companies (planes, rockets, helis, kites etc.) who wish to have The Hobby Quest showcase their products for our students and audiences.

Aviation/Hobby based Museums that wish to share a joint venture for advertising. The Hobby Quest would like to present our programs and demonstrations to your Museum guests.

Education facilities, after school facilities (YMCA's) or higher learning facilities who wish to have The Hobby Quest integrated into their program.

Hobby Shops/Toy Stores that offer discount cards to our thousands of students annually.

Media outlets who wish to follow the growth of The Hobby Quest.

Anything else you can think of!

Please contact jpiegaro@hobbyquest.com for more information about our strategic alliance offerings.

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