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Program Descriptions

                      Hobby Quest Aviators »

In the Hobby Quest Aviation program, students will build and fly different model airplanes from scratch. We will include several different types of models, such as balsa wood gliders, electric battery powered and rubber band powered planes. Each session will focus on different lessons in Aviation and Aerodynamics, such as how to identify the parts of a plane, forces of flight, the Wright Brothers, how weather effects flight and Bernoulli’s Principle. Once the students complete a model, we’ll head outside for action-packed flight days so we can see our creations soar! Each student will take home the planes that they build, so they can continue to take pride in their work and enjoy flying!

                      Hobby Quest Magicians »

Amaze your friends and family by becoming a real Magician! In the Hobby Quest Magician class, each student will learn, practice and perform amazing magic tricks. From reading the audience’s minds, to making things change color and disappear right before your very eyes, everyone will be astounded by the amazing feats performed! Not only will we focus on the fundamentals of illusion and performance, but we will also talk about building the value of trust and respect. Magic class will culminate in a real magic show at the end of the semester for family and friends! Each magician will go home with their bag of tricks so they can continue to practice their magic and amaze everyone they meet!

                      Hobby Quest Fashion »

Future fashionistas will have the opportunity to make their very own one-of-a-kind outfit in this creative sewing class. We will teach you the ins and outs of fashion design, starting with the initial garment sketching, choosing silhouettes and necklines. By learning basic sewing techniques such as hemming, gathering, adding fringe, appliqués and embroidery, students will be able to create a wearable outfit from head to toe of their very own design! We’ll even throw in a real runway show at the end, where everyone will be able to model their designs for friends and family and show off their creativity!

                      Hobby Quest Photographers »

Learn how to take professional pictures in this hands-on Photography class! Each student will receive their very own super cool professional camera to discover how to be a real photographer. We’ll discuss different photo-taking techniques, such as taking pictures from perspective, portraits, landscapes and even pictures in black & white! And because every artist deserves their day in the spotlight, we’ll culminate the class with a real photo gallery for family and friends to show off our work and creativity!