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The Concept

The Concept

Your Journey Starts Here!

The primary business of Hobby Quest is after school programs for children aged 5 to 14 years old. We work mainly with and in schools and community centers.

Our secondary line of business is providing outlets for children through such activities as summer camps, birthday parties, Boy Scouts functions, and private classes.

The programs we present are focused on being hands-on for the children. We have developed classes to instill our philosophy of "Skills for a Lifetime."

The four main areas of education that we offer are:

  • Aviation »
  • Magic Tricks »
  • Fashion »
  • Photography »

Hobby Quest’s franchisee model has been developed as a home based business. Of course the sky is the limit. In the event that your establishment grows, the opportunity to move into an office location definitely exists.

The exclusive programs, quality customer service, and the highest of standards that we have developed will help make you the leading after School Company in your area. We have found that Hobby Quest customers stay with our programs for many many years.

The one-stop-shop service aspect makes it extremely convenient and the highly advanced operation methods makes our programs effective allowing one person to do the job of three people and three to do the job of six.

And ultimately, you will have the flexibility to extend your franchise in the different directions that match your lifestyle and works best in your area.


 Our Franchise Model »