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Why Choose Us?

Why choose us

An Immeasurable Impact

From their origins to the present, a major factor accelerating the growth of after school programs has been changes in family and labor force participation. Specifically, the rise in women’s participation in the labor force created a need for child supervision. By 2004, 78% of mothers with school age children were working.

In this day and age after school programs are vital to the well-being of children and their families. The time immediately after school (3 pm – 6 pm) are peak hours for questionable behavior including fighting, vandalism, theft, drug use, drinking, smoking, and sexual activity.

After school programs such as Hobby Quest make available a safe, positive, and healthy atmosphere inspiring learning and assisting working families.

The U.S. Departments of Education and Justice report that students that take part in quality after school programs achieve better academic performance, behavior, school attendance, and have much greater expectations for the future.

State-level funding for after school programs and school-age child care in the United States tops $13.8 billion annually.

Our programs routinely receive funding through numerous government foundations including "No Child Left Behind" and "21st Century."

By owning and running a Hobby Quest franchise you will have the ability in impact your area by increasing safety, reducing crime, and bringing neighbors together helping instill pride and community ownership.

A Solid Industry

The franchise model is a preferred choice at all levels of business. A host of organizations including many public companies choose franchising because they collectively outperform their non-franchise counterparts.

Here are some impressive franchise industry facts and figures:

Franchising is a $1 trillion a year industry with more than 900,000 owners employing over 11 million people.

Franchises are typically less risky than startup companies. Entrepreneur Magazine reported the average rate of failure for new businesses is 65% within five years of inception, while a mere 3 to 11% of franchised units suffer turnover in any given year.

Studies indicate that entrepreneurs are attracted to the franchise business model for reasons including brand recognition, consistency of service, proven business systems, and the need for security.

Potential business owners like the franchising model because they can acquire a proven business system and be their own boss with less risk than what non-franchise owners face.

Hobby Quest’s commitment to the development of life skills in children, our high standards of customer service, and our proficient management all work well with a growing after school industry helping to generate excellent franchise opportunities for you in your area.


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